Thursday, 20 May 2010

Final call - last minute

citytravelreview - final last minute posts available study/working research review project.

July/Aug and Sept - study/working gap posts available in 2 locations

Looking to do something fun and productive over the summer? Learn a new language add to your CV/Resume and gain useful fun working experience within a new city.

The following NEW places within our study working gap project have arisen for a very limited time only....

We have almost completed selecting our team....we are always interested in hearing from:
Project writing researchers/reviewers
Layouters specifically those with InDesign skills
Writers/photographers/project team workers/project leaders
Creative/media types and those with a desire to explore a new language city and culture

Places remaining for Berlin Summer (From July and from August) and Edinburgh Summer (September 5th - 26th)
3 weeks, 4 weeks and 8 weeks - closing date for all projects in 2010 is very soon!

City Travel Review attracts participants/candidates each year to take part within our study/working gap placement programmes. Travel team researchers are usually undergraduates, post graduates, working young people taking a short sabbatical or those taking a gap year before/after University or during the university/college semester breaks. Travel team researchers come from all different backgrounds, with the following purposes to gain valuable diverse working experience, learn a language from scratch or improve on foreign language skills already acquired. (Berlin programme only) Many participants wish to gain a new experience possibly changing career direction in order to move into creative/history & arts/culture/language/media/communication/journalism/research/ travel writing/reviewing/design/fashion industries. Research members are selected and usually placed in peer groups that have members of the team with complementary skills. The guide project is a project designed to test at all levels and is designed as a gap experience to add to the CV/resume.

Add to your CV/Resume or Portfolio:

You will attend German language classes to learn German (Berlin programme only). During the afternoons participants gain and develop hands-on experience working as Travel Researchers/Review journalists. Research members are thoroughly involved within the creative team, creating a professional tourist guide aimed at young people and students visiting the capital. Information gained in the language learning is also incorporated within the guide. Research members design the whole guide from start to finish from layout, photos, graphics/design, writing reviews for restaurants, bars, cafés, attractions/entertainment, city history, art and culture etc. Research members attend workshops and are aided by a journalist & professional working team. The guide is often published and distributed as on-line resource, displayed in exhibitions , Universities/colleges, or published in various formats for small and medium sized business' to hand out free to young people. It is also added to our very own city travel review hall of fame which is displayed at events within the UK and Germany. Typical activities involve visiting local important business', Government buildings, newspapers, international manufacturing companies, breweries, museums/galleries, trips to historical locations. The work normally stays in circulation for a minimum of 1 year. So if you are looking to gain new skills or looking to get a step into a new career simultaneously working in another place while gaining some new language skills to add to your CV or portfolio you can find more detailed information on our citytravelreview dot co dot uk website.

Key Requirements:

We select outgoing individuals who are able to demonstrate commitment, initiative, teamwork, good organisation and the ability to communicate effectively. They have the ability to work individually and within a team environment, are able to tackle new challenges, use their initiative and want to learn a new foreign language from scratch or sharpen knowledge already acquired (only Berlin ) working within a creative team. You must be open and able to work to challenging deadlines within these vibrant capital cities. Knowledge within Indesign or photoshop is often desirable for those candidates selected to work more within the design area. We also look for those with good leadership skills to work as project co-ordinators or managers of the project team.

How To Apply:

Please send us a detailed CV/Resume and an e-mail to explaining which group you would like to join and exactly why you would like to participate . In order to obtain an application form you must state which group you wish to join. Berlin Summer or one of our next Edinburgh projects.

Note: We always have very limited amount of places for all groups and a short application intake period to review applications. We are currently on our second phase of the application process after this ends we are no longer able to review applications. Please also note that costs are involved in relation to accommodation, breakfast, language lessons, professional staff for activities/excursions/company visits, transport, workshops etc...(for a full list of what is included and further details regarding cost and travel please get in contact)

All the internet research in the world will never replace the experience of visiting the location!

Contact Information For All Groups:

Motion Placements Ltd
6-8 Alexander Drive
Edinburgh, United Kingdom EH11 2RH
Phone: 0044 (0)131 346 80 80

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Berlin Berlin Wir fahren nach Berlin!

citytravelreview - Spend a few days in Berlin and you will have seen all the important sights – the Brandenburger Tor, the Berlin Wall, Museum Island. You will have had a meal of Currywurst, and sampled some of Germany’s excellent beer. You may even have learnt a word or two in the local language. Stay a bit longer and you will discover Berlin in all its colours. The squats filled with graffiti street art at its best. The underground bars that play eclectic mixes of music fuelled by strange concoctions. Meeting people from all over the world and tasting their delicacies in roadside vans. You will become ‘Berliner’ in your actions. Avoiding smelly old men with their sinister looking dogs trawling the streets for discarded empty bottles. Chilling in parks with 60 cent beer in the Berlin sunshine. Jumping on old school bicycles and cycling around the city centre in your socks and sandals. There is so much to do in Berlin that however long you stay it will not seem sufficient. This guide endeavours to show you some of the best and most economical ways to get the most out of your stay in Berlin. Some are tourist Meccas, others are a bit left of the centre; all make Berlin what it is now. So throw yourself into the people, the music, the food; the experience that is Berlin.

Berlin can be a perplexing place for the newly arrived tourist. The train system does very little to orientate one in a city that spreads and sprawls in every direction, and after a few pints of Berliner Pils, the scrambled map does not become any clearer. As with any city, travel guides generally lead you to the heavily touristy areas, where vendors rub their hands in glee as they attempt to take down the next map-wielding, poncho-wearing foreigner. So here are a few tips and hints for a smooth transition into Berlin life. Soon enough you’ll be changing from the S-Bahn to the U-Bahn like a pro and leading other people from your hostel to the coolest, underground German bar around for a round of Berlinerweiße and a late night snack of Currywurst.

Five things you must do in Berlin
1. Take a walking tour. Best to go early in your stay. The guides are generally very knowledge-able and humourous, and it’s a great way to see the city and the important sights, get your bearings and learn a lot.
2. Go on a kebab bender.
3. Buy a 60 cent Sternberg beer and get yourself down to Treptower Park on a lazy sunny afternoon. Take your frisbee for extra fun.
4. Go out at night without a plan and find yourself at some crazy nameless pub, where you end up dancing to Nena ’99 Luftballons,’ followed by a good quality Russian jig, with a whole bunch of new friends.
5. Trace the Berlin Wall. You can hardly come to Berlin without getting in touch with its dramatic and tumultuous history. See the History Section for more information on where to discover the divisive past of this city.